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Chongqing Lidao is mainly engaged in production, sales and servicechemical products of chemical products (metal pretreatment agent, phosphating agent, electroplating additives, nano protective agent and other products) ; mainly used for surface treatment of automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, military equipment and aerospace industry spare parts.
     We have strong technical support, many people have studied abroad, and have worked for famous companies, research institutes, joint ventures and engaged in product research, development, production, sales in surface treatment for a long time. Since its establishment, the company has maintained close technical exchanges and cooperation with domestic authorities, scientific research institutions and key institutions, and has the guidance of foreign experts on surface treatment At present our company has become a leading independent research and development, production of most varieties, one of the most widely used in the field of surface treatment to the enterprise, and has a good moral character, high professional quality and rich experience in management, technology, management team, and is responsible for customer service service.
     Our main office is located in ErLang Hi-tech industy center,the developing and production bases lies in Jiangjin Degan Industrial Area that covers an area of 20000m2 which includes factory buildings about 8000m2 for developing and producing.We have advanced product lines and excellent test instruments that come from German.
     We have equipped with advanced production facilities, complete testing equipment and instruments, perfect quality control measures. Our company have carried out the work of a comprehensive surface treatment system technology and have built exchanges, training platform for the industry, society, association and other social organizations and further promote the management concept of the combination of production, learning and research.and have expanded the visibility and influence of our company, and greatly enhance and improve the company's image and production environment, so that the whole production management gradually move towards to hhe way of large-scale and systematic management.
     Now we will provide better technique and service for you,my dear friends.Please come to Lidao if you have higher requirements to your products.
     Our vision:Satisfied customersProud companyPappy staff
     Our spirit:HonestyHigh efficiencyDelicacy
     Our culture:Social Commitment Lidao Industial



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023-6106 9105



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